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15 tips for writing a good blog

That headline is one example of how to write a good blog.  Make your headline eye-catching and intriguing, so readers will check it out.  Starting with numbers attracts too.  Here are some more tips:

  • Use bullets when you list. Bullets help your readers’ eyes see your organization.  Not all blogs need bullets, but when you list, use them.  They add white space, making your writing more readable.
  • Add white space before and after paragraphs. White space makes writing look more readable.  The same information written in long paragraphs is less attractive than when it is written in short paragraphs.
  • Keep paragraphs short. Three or four sentences max.  Cut a longer paragraph into two or three.
  • Keep sentences short. If you use complex sentences (like this one), limit them to one dependent clause.  The more clauses, the harder to read.
  • Replace long words of Latin origin with one- or two-syllable words of Anglo-Saxon origin. Longer words are often abstract.  Shorter words are usually concrete and easier to understand.
  • Give each idea its own paragraph, even if that paragraph is short.
  • Use art. Photos, graphs, maps and cartoons attract.  They keep the reader engaged as they scroll down.
  • Stick to a format. You want to develop a recognizable style that you use in every blog.
  • Use subheads if you are writing paragraphs.
  • Use a sans serif typeface. Sans serif is quicker to read.
  • Use a big typeface—at least 12 point. It’s easier to read.
  • Avoid italics and ALL CAPS. People perceive italics as harder to read, so they don’t read them.  Words in capital letters seem to shout—not polite.
  • Use a plain light background. A graphic background cuts readability.
  • Keep your blogs short. Readers like to skim blogs.  Make yours skim-able.  Search engines pick up short blogs, too.