Writing Tutoring

  • I have taught hundreds of third grade and older students how to write expository, persuasive and narrative essays.
  • I have helped graduate students write successful essays to apply for law schools and for fellowships.
  • I have worked with many students on how to complete the 25-minute SAT essay.
  • I focus on developing and organizing a good idea, and on especially on revising.

Writing Instruction:

I take the student through the many steps for a successful essay, offering help whenever the student needs it.

  • First, I offer ideas on a topic to write about.  If the student has an idea, I offer ideas to refine the idea into something manageable.
  • Next, I ask the student to create a prewriting organizer—usually a mind web or a modified timeline, helping the student subdivide his topic, if necessary.
  • Most students’ plans have too little detail, so I insist on ten or more points for each subheading of the essay.  If the student needs help, I ask questions to draw more and more detail out of the student.  If the student doesn’t know how to write down ideas, I show him.
  • For some students, the first sentence is the hardest.  I offer suggestions on how to begin, and we talk over the introduction.
  • If the student has trouble writing a first draft, I intervene as necessary.
  • The biggest help I can offer is often in revising.  I ask the student to analyze verbs and sentence openings.  He calculates the average number of words per sentence and, if that number is small, I offer ways to increase the ideas in each sentence, and let him watch me do that kind of work—usually improving the sentence structure at the same time.
  • Now the student is ready for the final draft and for editing.
  • Lastly, I publish the essays of those students who are willing on my website.

Got any questions about writing tutoring for your son or daughter?

Maybe you still have some unanswered questions.  Use this contact form and I’ll get back to you with answers by email–or by phone (if you provide your Atlanta (GA) area phone number).

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