“Kathy, thank you for editing and refining my undergraduate and graduate school application essays, as well as working your magic on several essays for scholarships, grants, and fellowships. With your help, I’ve gotten into my dream schools and won thousands of dollars in scholarships, grants, and fellowships. You always respond with thoughtful feedback to make my writing great. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and support.” -–from a librarian in Maryland

“Mrs. Powers, you helped improve my sentence structure and organization dramatically. Without your help on my admissions essay I would not have been admitted to a T1 law school or have the career that I do. Thank you very much!” — Florida attorney

“I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Physical Education in Brazil. With plans of getting a teaching in job in Florida, I applied for a Masters degree at USF. Mrs. Powers helped me getting prepared for my TOEFL exam by reading my essays and giving me feedback via email and Google Documents/Skype meetings. Her help was fundamental to successfully passing the TOEFL exam, as well as my Florida Professional Certification Exam.” -–from a teacher for Orange County Public Schools

“Thank you Mrs. Powers.  I think I could speak English better than any ESL kid.  It is because of your help.” –-a middle school student from Korea who arrived in the US knowing no English at all

“Thank you very much.  You are a great teacher.  I will never forget you.”  –an 18-year-old ESL student from Columbia

“Mrs. Powers was a great help to me. As an artist, I was writing letters to various venues in hopes of getting work. She helped me polish my written communication. She reviewed my rough drafts and showed me how to make them interesting, so that they would stand out. I feel much more confident working with her.”  — North Carolina artist

“So far, I have had a great year with you as my math teacher.  You have been the best math teacher I have ever had.”  –a sixth grader

“Thank you for coming to visit us.  I learned a lot about writing.  I hope someday when I am older you will see a book by me and maybe your children may bring one home.  P.S. I love your children’s books.”  –a second grader whose class I visited  for a couple of hours to teach writing skills

“Ever since I was five I wanted to be a wrighter and now its happened I am a wrighter and poet thanks for coming.”  –Another second grader whose class I visited  to teach writing skills

“Thank you for your patience and your kindness.  Thank you for teaching me how to write the ‘fast’ way.”  –a fifth grade student

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